Monday, November 12, 2007

Yes! What he said!

You know the writer's strike going on in Hollywood? Erik Sherman blogged about why we - freelance nonfiction writers - should care.

In his post is this gem:

"Do the web hosting companies provide bandwidth for reduced rates because they publishers are trying to start new types of businesses? Do they get free electricity and computers and storage and software? Nope, they don't - they have to pay for them. But without the content, they have nothing to store, to run through computers, to send over the Internet pipes, and to land in someone's browser."

Right! Amen. And whatever other phrases one would use to heartily concur.

You say you would like to read the post for yourself? I knew you would. So, here you go: WGA Strike, Corporate Control, and Pushing Writers Out

You're very welcome! :D

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