Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My office and the space I really use to work...

I have had this office since 1999. It used to be a formal entry way, and the closet was where my desk is now. This office has been well used, and I have written thousands of articles while sitting at this desk using that ergonomic keyboard. The outside door used to be located where the bookcases are now. This is a galley style office, about 8x8 in size. It is located right off my living room. The office is really small for my needs, and the contents have overflowed into my living room. Right outside the door, I have a lateral file to store all of my contracts and clips, etc.

You probably can't read my comments. In the photo at the right, I noted that the wall is ugly right now since I am in the middle of installing corkboard. Eventually the wall will be a huge bulletin board.

The bookcases are a must. They keep all of my resources organized including magazines, and a large supply of books about journalism and writing. One entire shelf is dedicated to my memoir, but it isn't clearly visible in the picture.

Since I purchased a laptop, however, my actual working space has moved to this location:

From here, I can work and be more involved with my family. When I need to spread out or to eliminate distractions, I still move into my office. But when I need to put my butt in the chair and my finger on the keyboards, this is where it happens most of the time.

What would your dream office space look like?

I would like a room that allowed space to have someone come in and sit down (besides just me). And more bookcases. ;0)

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Carolyn Erickson said...

I like your office, Linda!

It looks like you have everything you need in there!