Monday, November 19, 2007

My Desk - Heather

I am issuing a challenge to the Mamas on MNABC.

Show me your undewear.

Ok, not really... but almost worse.

Show me your desk. I'll go first.

Let me give you a little tour of The Desk That Shall Not Be Conquered.

1a - My fancy color printer scanner thingy that I had to buy in my last month of writing Rookie Reiner when my daughter knocked over the old one.

1b - The super-fast black and white printer that spit out at least four versions of a 50,000 word book and whose drum is still at 85%.

2 - The November calendar. Strangely blank. Not so strange if you consider that I ripped off "October" just today... um, I'm a little behind. I keep deadlines listed on this sheet, but lately I haven't had very many.

3a - A pile of "to be filed" papers

3b - The little file holder thingies where I can stick more "to be filed" papers and pretend that they are kind of filed.

3c - A pile of "to be filed when the other pile is empty".

4 - Binders for a variety of things: an old photo album from high school, my Pampered Chef binder, my company's record book, blank binders looking longing down at the piles of paper they could be holding if I could figure out exactly how best to use them.

5 - A camera bag with no camera in it because that camera is sitting on my desk next to the lamp. (You can see the strap)

6 - The craziness under my desk. Very tempting to babies who seek to zap themselves. Or turn my external hard drive offonoffonoffonoffonoffon until it has kittens.

7 - Magazines. Waiting to be read. Some are from Spring 2007. *hangs head*. But in my defense I sometimes like to look through magazines to get ideas (no, not STEALING)... for example, I've I'm thinking about an article on horse health, I may look through Self magazine or some human equivalent to spark some parallel thoughts.

8 - I couldn't tell you what is here without looking... it's a place where paper goes to die I think.

9 - Ahhh the bookshelf. Last count, about 800 books. Again, not all of them read. Currently it also serves has holder of the baby products and Fun Toys aka The Books on the Lower Shelves.

So there you go. This is the desk I wrote my first book at. Sometimes I wrote it at the kitchen table on the laptop, but most of it was here... blasting Pink until I was practically a Democrat, cursing photographers who wouldn't send back their permission forms and trying to block the baby from crawling under the desk with my knees.


Carolyn Erickson said...
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Carolyn Erickson said...

You are a BRAVE, brave woman!

You meant you want the other Mamas to show their desks, right?

(Sorry about the deleted posts! I keep thinking I can edit them!)

Marijke Durning said...

uh.... I'll have to think about showing my office - and believe it or not, I just cleaned it out. "Clean out" being a relative term.....