Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mamas Need Resources!

There are over a bazillion resources for Writing Mothers, both in print and on the Internet. Since I've seen probably half of them (which is precisely 1/2 bazillion), I want to do something constructive with all that time, and pass on the ones that have been the most helpful to me personally.

Rather than waiting until I've compiled a big list, I thought I would just post them here as I think of them, tag them with "Resources" and call it good.

What do you think? Yes? Hopefully you'll find the resource you need, when you need it.

I'm going to start with my all-time favorite. I'm always shouting from the rooftops about this book. It wasn't the first writing book I ever read (how I wish it had been!!), but it was the one that helped me get my first article published. And it is STILL useful, relevant, and gosh-darn it, friendly. Yes, friendly. You'll see what I mean when you get it.


(Here's the link to Shirley's book on Amazon.)

I tell you, this is the best holiday gift I could ever give you. Much better than the green and orange sweater vest I was crocheting for you.


p.s. Shirley Jump is the author of How To Publish Your Articles, and guess what?? She is a Mama with a whole bunch of book contracts! Yes, she went from being a highly successful non-fiction writer to a bestselling novelist with 29 published books! And guess what else?? She's coming to MNABC! That's right - I will get to interview her and will post it here. It's coming soon, I swear! So if you have any questions for her, you can include them in the comments of this post.


Kai said...

I love - free market listing and I donate once a month.

Carolyn Erickson said...

I've heard of that site so many times, but I thought it was just for fiction writers. Is that true, Kai?

I suppose I should at least go look at it. :)

Kai said...

It is - technically, geared towards fiction writers and poets, but its a good place to stretch your wings if its not your primary writing sphere, IMO, and they've got something that's really great for challenging yourself - a theme calendar.