Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Doin the rounds

It was my birthday yesterday, something which I allowed to pass without much of a whimper. Well, online anyway.
Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the local ER cause we thought I'd broken my foot (again). I had planned on finishing up University essays, before having guests round for our horror game and birthday party *thang* that we had planned.
What I learned from that whole experience is one, you can't write with a sore foot, not while you're trying to make sure that other people (some of whom were drunk) aren't bumping it too.
We sorted that out, I came home, finished the essay I'd started before taking out my ankle. Turns out I've probably done nothing more than sprained it. But as the very kind ER doc pointed out, given my last accident, when they thought I'd broken my neck, I have to be very careful to make sure I'm not injured more than I think I am, given the fact that I don't have as much feeling down my left side.
As a writer, this is interesting (well, in my opinion anyway) cause one, it shows accidents happen, even on the most important days of our lives. Its a good thing to bear in mind when building up the 'little slivers' that lead to the major event in our stories. Its their birthday - break their leg, crash their car - let them be rained on going to work.
The second thing I learned yesterday was just because we KNOW our bodies, our minds, and our reactions, doesn't mean we always learn to compensate correctly. I know I'm damaged in my neck, and have less feeling in my left side, but I forget when I hurt myself. So when you're dealing with a character, do we always remember that just because they THINK they are OK, and work well within the boundaries of their environment, HOW do they react when things are thrown off?
It might seem odd, but its the little details that make our stories our own - and though its important to get the big things down, its just as important to build the little things around your characters. Depth is what makes the memorable books stand apart from the ones that are compelling to read, but just don't stick with us, or your readers as well.


Linda Sherwood said...

Happy Birthday (Belated) Kai!

Carolyn Erickson said...

Happy Birthday Kai! Great points about adding those little details that make our characters seem more real. Thanks. :)

Carolyn Erickson said...

Oh...and sorry you hurt your ankle on your birthday! :(