Monday, November 12, 2007

Creature of Habit

or unwilling to change....

Last week my laptop computer had issues. Actually, my laptop has had issues for a while, but last week the issues became so severe that impacted my ability to use my laptop. My laptop, by the way, isn't even two years old, but in dog years (or years Linda put on it through near constant use) it is probably ready to retire.

It no longer smells new. The keys are worn. The n-key is grooved from my fingernail constantly stabbing it. On either side of the touchpad, my palm prints have been permanently worn into the computer. And it is less than two years old.

For months, I have had plug-in issues. The cord that charges the battery doesn't connect correctly. This means that it doesn't always charge the battery properly. Last week it became so severe that it would NOT charge at all unless I had one hand holding the cord in a very specific way. I had to apply the constant pressure in order to make the computer work.

I talked to my tech guy about repairing my computer. He looked into it and learned the plug-in connection is part of my laptop's motherboard so just the part would be around $300. Could I live with it? I thought I could until last week.

For the record, it is hard to get any work done on your computer while holding the cord with one hand. I am a touch typist who can type upwards of 100 words a minute, but I can't do it one-handed.

I had options. My husband has a laptop. In real life, his lap top will be a year old in December. In dog years, his laptop still has puppy breath. He uses it at home, and it doesn't even have a lot of programs or files stored on it. He uses it mainly to access his e-mail and to take his online work-related courses. We also own three desktop computers. Plus I have a desktop computer in my office at work.

But MY laptop has everything I need from Acrobat to Indesign to Photoshop to Word to my FTP program not to mention all of my files including my templates and writing in progress and handouts for my classes and all of my e-mail. And it is this that makes me groan about using anything else.

When my computer acted up, my husband offered me his laptop. His is a Sony Vaio and perfectly nice, but it has just a 14-inch screen, and the keyboard is tiny. My laptop has a full-sized keyboard, which was a must for me since when I do use a desktop, I use an ergonomic keyboard with the split-design. I can't type 100-plus words on a teeny tiny keyboard.

So. I searched eBay and found a laptop exactly like mine. I hope to be up and running by the weekend. I look forward to a fully-charged battery and using both hands to complete my work.

Spoiled? Maybe, but I make a living with this computer. I can't compromise.

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Carolyn Erickson said...

Congrats Linda!! I'm glad you've got it up and running now. :) That's a Good Thing.