Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are my favorite. My most favorite favorite. Or as my son says, my bestest. I get to sleep in. DD (1) let DH sleep in until 7:30, my son got up shortly after and came in to lay down with me for an hour. I stayed in bed until almost 10 am (!).

Pause to feel a little guilty. Sleeping in feels a little lazy.

When I climbed out of bed I immediately had to put the baby down for her nap. Then I could come down and observe the chaos that is Husband Watching Daughter.

My wallet was destroyed, thankfully no money or checks waiting to be deposited were seriously injured.

My external hard drive was suffering from a severe case of having it's on button pushed over and over and over and is now self-checking itself for errors (there are many, it's been working for 2 hours now).

My husband's excuse? "I should have known when she was too quiet for a while." These two things occured within his eyeline, but he was watching football and playing games on his laptop.

The reason why I find it hard to concentrate on my work when I'm also watching the kids is that it's actually important to know what the children are doing. Babies chew on cords and stick things in sockets. They push nice glowing buttons and see what happens when they pull things apart. It's kind of hands on, this parenting.

I try not to be irritated. Afterall, I've got six years of parenting under my belt, he has about a year or two.

I'm sitting on my laptop in the kitchen because my regular computer is busy running its self check... except it's the computer with all my articles on it. I'd quite like to get working on them. Any time now.

For some reason I feel like maybe I shouldn't have slept in!


Mysti said...

I, often, find myself in the same position. My son is a hands-on type child, and Rob has a year of not-so-great experience. It definitely has it's challenges. Each day in stride, right?

I guess this would be why I have a book I've not touched in a great length of time... parenting.

Big Hugs!

NeuroticFitchMom said...

Oh gosh....ack!!! I am soooooo so glad to be past little ones. :)