Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Secret to my Success

I'll admit it. I may be writing this so that someone reading can point to the screen and say "see! see! Heather says I need one!"

My laptop.

I wrote my book on my laptop while sitting at the kitchen table, in my bed late at night, at the local bookstore, drinking coffee, sitting in the truck waiting for my son after school, upstairs in the waiting area during gymnastics...
I have cooked dinner with my laptop on the counter (safe distance from the stove) and sat on my bathroom counter watching my daughter over its screen.
And it has other purposes. I put it on my table and let it play a cd through Windows Media Player so my kids can be entertained for 15 minutes while I answer my emails on the desktop computer. I've also used it on trips to play a video and keep the kids entertained.
So really, all you husbands out there questioning the need... trust me, there are many.


Aisha said...

Yeah. I am getting to that point. The only thing I don't enjoy the heat of the laptop on my lap at all. And I like to sit on the couch with it. But the kids keep taking over my pc when they are home from school. So, I am considering the laptop as well. Nicole (I better get a gmail account so I don't keep signing in under my daughter's name...)

NeuroticFitchMom said...

I heart mine too. I would be lost without it.