Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two things - a contract and rebranding

First up.
Not only do I have a contract (anthology) signed, sealed, and delivered, but I also have our book cover to show off! I'll announce again when the book is actually *out* but Footnotes to a Lesson, described as my 'thinking man's zombie' story is appearing in the 'Dead Worlds' Anthology, eta July 2009.

The story, which was the first one I waved at my new tutor after xmas has been highly praised but really *really* hard to place, because the protagonist isn't a traditional inhabitant of a zombie tale - and to be completely honest, I do some fairly gross, and unexpected things to her.

But it's in this anthology - under my pen name 'Sabrann Curach' (I hope!) which is really cool. Mama got a book contract ;)

And onto point two - I'm in the process of a massive shakeup of all of my 'stuff'. As I have stupid amounts of 'stuff' scattered all over the web (I am the proverbial spoiled child in a candy store because I can write, code and design quite readily - in other words I've got no barriers to creation - just upkeep!) it's taking me a while, but it got me thinking about rebranding.
As a starter, before I start sharing links and stuff, cause this will be a topic I'll be on for a while, do you have a brand? Are you at a point where you could start bringing stuff together and create a solid concept brand or are you scattered like me?
Is there anything YOU need ideas to get to or brainstorming? Stick em in the comments and we'll see what we can do ;)


Serenity Now! said...

Very cool Kai! Glad to hear it! Definitely let us know where we can pick it up!

Linda Sherwood said...

When I first started writing online, I really separated all the various parts of me. At one point, I had about 10 web sites.

Eventually, I thought that was a bit much, and I decided to reduce.

And then I completely changed my focus (AGAIN).

I now keep everything at

I could probably do a bit more in terms of separating the various parts, but it works.

Marta said...

Kai - I just picked up the book, and I gotta say - the story in there by Sabrann is amazing! So sad, and scary and WEIRD and wonderful all at the same time.
THANK YOU for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Girlie, the Sabby story gave me the shivers. TELL ME you're going to keep that up!?!

Pauline said...

congrats! I'm new here and working on my first YA novel and a memoir (at the same time because I'm crazy like that.) I also have three blogs and am trying to figure out how to properly re-brand myself into the image of the published author i hope to become. I'm new and oh so very lost. I plan on hanging out here much more often in the hopes of hope that I'll pull my head out of my booty and figure out how to work the business end of the world of words while dealing with potty training and trying to lose the baby fat.

Serenity Now! said...

Hey Pauline!

You can also try joining The Writing Mother group: