Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ramadan--Days 8 and 9

Day 8

I have now been recruited to help develop a market campaign to promote Muslim consumers, so they can do their holiday shopping. These are small businesses that want to increase their consumer range, which I think is a great idea because a little market competition and attention to Muslims will give Muslims different choices and options to choose from. I mean how cool is it if you see products like paper plates or cups that say "Happy Eid (Holiday)" or Islamic designs just like they do for Christmas and Hanukkah.

Day 9
I can't believe tomorrow is our 10th day of Ramadan already. Wow, the time has definitely passed by.

Today was a little bit chilly and I nearly froze when I went outside. It was interesting because I thought to myself, "Wow. Why am I THAT cold?" It is not because of lack of food or drinks (I mean people it was 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside--which was not bad), it was because I have now become more attuned to my body. That is one of the miracles of fasting. You become more aware, not only are you going through a spiritual cleansing, your body is going through a physical cleansing. I mentioned this to my mom. She said that is due to fasting and that we are more aware of our bodies.

By not eating or drinking, you are gaining self-discipline against being tempted by a materialistic world, and you are gaining empathy to feel with those who are not as blessed as you. You are also giving your body a chance to rest from digesting.

Some of my friends who are not Muslim have fasted for one day--Muslim style,meaning that they did not drink, eat, or chew for an entire day until it was time to break their fast. They were impressed by our discipline and self-control.


Nicole said...

Salam, Faten. And while you are at the marketing thing, what about the big department stores. How come they don't come out with all the fancy dresses and nice clothes when we have our holidays like at Easter, Christmas, etc. I think they are missing out on the market in many highly populated Muslim areas. Just something I have always thought about...

FA said...

Good point, Nicole. I think we will take it to the next level next year. It was kind of a last minute thing.