Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ramadan Day 5 and 6

Day 5: We broke our fast at my parents' home. There is more blessings when you eat with a gathering, so it is always recommended to break your fast with a group of people. Don't worry. We bring stuff to my parents' home as well.

My son is starting to ask more questions about Ramadan. He would ask what is it and why do "big people" have to fast. I explained to him that "big people" (meaning adults) fast, so that they can feel how the less fortunate feel.

Day 6: Today, Sarah Militz-Frielink and I had the pleasure of interviewing Imam Shpendim about Ramadan. It was an awesome lecture because Sarah and I learned so much. Be sure to listen to it at Do ignore the background noise, unfortunately my son was trying to distract me. Usually, DH occupies him, but he wasn't home when I co-produced my show.

Today, my son proudly says during the day, "I know why you cannot eat right now." I asked him why not. He replied: "Because you are seyeyum (fasting)." My son and I prayed together. Although, my son is not required to pray yet, it is good to have him practice or copy. We prayed during Asr (late afternoon) time which is about 4:30 p.m., Central Time. I told him to copy like me while I prayed. He did fine. He said he felt good when he finished.

Tonight, my parents, siblings, son, and myself ate at my sister's house. She cooked homemade pizza and vegetarian lasagna. She also prepared salad. Those I believe are her signature dishes. She takes great care and planning to make homemade pizza and her vegetarian lasagna. When the pizzas and lasagna are done cooking, they look like beautiful pieces of art when they are displayed on the dining room table. We ended the meal with an cookie ice cream cake. Talk about rich, but delicious!

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