Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drama for your Mama

Dear Child,

I love you. Your hurt is my hurt. But I have to work. Can your sensitive, caring nature be reserved for later?

No? Okay. This is why I'm here - to help you, to teach you, to be available when you experience the first of what will probably many issues with friends.

So what I am going to do is stop mucking with the email program that refuses to cooperate when I really need to answer my editor's email, and I'm going to take care of your heart. I'm going to tell you that friends are only human, that sometimes that they will hurt your feelings for reasons unknown to you, and that your strength and sufficiency need to come from God because He never fails us.

Friends are like the cinnamon and sugar, but God is the toast. The toast provides the nourishment and sustenance (if it is 100% whole wheat) and much of the flavor too, for that matter. You can live without cinnamon and sugar, but you can't live without toast.

There, that should handle it. All better now? Good.

Now I really have to go to work. This story on nutrition needs to be wrapped up and I have to reboot my email program.


Serenity Now! said...

I like that. Cinnamon, sugar, toast. Perfect.

My son has a lot of girl-friends for a six year old. Several girls took him under their wings this year because some of the boys at school were picking on him... plus the boys are all clique-y hockey boys and Army Boy hasn't learned to skate yet.

But last week one of the girls didn't want to play with him because another girl was over at her house. There was a little crack in his heart. I had to explain to him that sometimes girls want to hang out with girls and boys want to hang out with boys...

Carolyn Erickson said...

Exactly, Heather. And it's so hard to see their hurt feelings - at least it is for me. I want to FIX it. ;)

But your anecdote reminded me of a time my own dd unwittingly neglected one of her little friends (a boy) in favor of hanging out with the girls her own age. I didn't notice, but his mom did. (And when I pointd it out to her, she included him in their play.)

But I guess stuff like this just happens.

Even when I'm on deadline! :)

Kai said...

We've got a similar problem here - the girl across the road is the same age as my son - and plays with him - but my daughter wants to play too. Being bigger, stronger (and dare I say much meaner) than L, there's been a lot of screams, tears and at one point I had to go over and let the little girl's mom know about her blackmailing my youngest!
L prefers the cat now, much to the girl across the road's disgust.