Thursday, June 26, 2008

Developments and purring like a chain saw

I'm currently in the process of beating my WordPress installs into compliance, because the WordPress from blogger importer isn't working properly on my server. I'm cheating and importing via - so I've learned, once again, that there's always a circumlocutous way to do something. Let's not get me started on 2.6 beta for WordPress - I'm always vaguely ashamed when I technobabble in communities that aren't techie ;)
Speaking of which...
For the last four years, I've been asking for a cat. Not just any cat, a Bengal. And for years there's always been a reason not to - usually my landlord. When we moved to the new house though, I was told there might be a chance, eventually that we got a cat. And this week we did.
That's Kushie in the photo above, on her first day with us. We got her from the Gloucestershire branch of a wonderful rescue society in the UK, and every day, she does something new to make me smile. Having never kept a cat before, I'm unbearably squeally about her, but more importantly, I'm also feeling rather contented and like the house is actually mine too now. My adorable other half has always wanted a cat, but I've spent the last year and a half feeling like I just...take up a part of the space in the house we moved to, and that till my other half got home, that's all I was doing. Taking up space. My writing has suffered, my confidence has suffered, and due to not writing during the day, and going out more, my bank balance looks kinda pathetic too. A week with my furbaby, and I'm already getting back into writing and editing properly, I'm going out during the day, less, and most of all, I'm comfortable in my house. Awful as it sounds for the time I spent here before.
If you've got a routine that you enjoy/need - and you suddenly find yourself without it, take my advice - try and fix it as soon as possible. This last year and a half has taught me a lot about how effectively I procrastinate - how little I actually use of my writing, and how sad I am when I'm not doing work I enjoy. Between the cat and Uni, my beloved and my kids, this is the first day of the rest of my life, and I'm going to enjoy it!

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