Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seven Things

  1. I think that life is a lot more terrifying, horrible, sad and unfair than any fiction writer could ever imagine. But I also think that it's more beautiful, touching, heartwarming and amazing too.
  2. I am a Christian, but I think that if God wanted me to worry so much about homosexuality he might have put it in the top ten. I have enough trouble following those each day.
  3. We are moving in six weeks. I don't know where yet. But I know I hate moving. I hate it, yet it continues to happen. How often? In my life I've lived in over 30 different houses. No, we weren't a military family.
  4. I AM the world's wimpiest Canadian. I hate snow. I also hate hockey.
  5. My new passion is Saving Money! Being Cheap! and also Using Coupons! For three years I've been asking DH to help me make A Plan for our money. Finally he has, now that we're on the same page I'm Excited!
  6. Secretly? Secretly I'd love to live in a motorhome and travel around North America for a year. Then on to Europe.
  7. I read the obituaries every chance I get so I can remember what's important while I'm alive.

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