Saturday, April 19, 2008

Marcia tells it like it is...

If you're tired of the "internent marketing gurus" giving you the Big Sell, you should watch Marcia Yudkin's video on what her life is like in the internet marketing world.

But this isn't an internet marketing post... I think what Marcia is saying about marketing, we could say about writing. (I haven't gotten that quiet and spacious office... but give me a couple of years!) This would be very close to my ideal life!

So this week, I'd really like the MNABC writers (and our readers) tell us what the ideal lifestyle is for YOU!

And you can visit Marcia here.

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Bonnie D. Tharp said...

Hi. I'm a writing buddy of Carolyn's, whose writing I greatly admire, and she sent me this link. I love the video and was wondering - do you have a spare room? Would you adopt me?