Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wanna know what makes me steamin' mad?

What makes my blood boil about writing and/or the writing industry?

Hmm. It just depends on the day. Today it's...

Your ego is blocking my light, dude.

Ego is one thing that kind of gets on my nerves. Okay, it would really make me angry, except I've learned a little secret about egotistical writers, editors, or people in any field who believe they are entitled to "elite" status: They're wrong.

Anyone who thinks they have a right to look down on a plumber because he doesn't know a serial comma from a semicolon just needs to experience a burst pipe or ooh, even better, a backed up sewer. Only the densest, most unenlightenistest among us wouldn't develop a little bit of appreciation for that plumber's skill when we're knee deep in

...I don't think I have to actually say it. This is a family show. ;-)

Oh, don't get me wrong - brilliant puncuation is absolutely scrumpdillyicious, especially when it takes a complex sentence and makes it read as smooth as melted butter. But gosh, can we tone down the criticism folks? (Like, I just know someone out there is saying: "Melted butter? Is she serious? Cliche! Cliche alert! Oh. My. God.")

And while we're on the subject, what's all the huffiness over cliches? Some of my best friends are cliches. Including a few elitist writers and editors. (Oh, but not you. I didn't mean you.)

What makes you mad?


Kai said...

LOL...I really miss your posts, and a great point. Ego makes my blood boil - I think the best description I ever heard was 'oh, don't worry about it, she's as self centred as a spinning top'.
:) Wonderful post!

Linda Sherwood said...

I agree! I am fascinated with how communication takes place online, and I have noticed that when the flames come out, at some point one side will dismiss the other side's argument because of a spelling/typo/grammar error. The dismissal seems to be along the lines of "Obviously, you are too stupid to know how to spell ________ that I am going to use your spelling failure as justification to dismiss your entire argument." Of course, it isn't always said that clearly but that is what is meant.

Amy Mullis said...

Hello, Carolyn. Ummm. Out of coffee?

You wanna start a fight with a bunch of writers? Ask about passive voice. Then stand back and apply bandages and anti-bacterial ointment as necessary. It's good fun if there's no roadkill to play with.

But plumbers, now. I needed one twice this month--once at work and once at home. I went to school with this guy, and if I'd known then what I know now, I'd have flirted aggressively.