Saturday, March 8, 2008

Theme - Things That Make You Go GRRRR!

Yes, we all have them. Those THINGS that drive us batty about writing and writers and publishing and editors and ... well, just about anything.

I had a major one this week: Writers who don't respect the copyright of other writers.

So - As a writer, what chaps yer butt? What pops yer bubble? What drives you absolutely bonkers?

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Just Jen said...

what makes me go grrr?
the feedback, the lack of constructive criticism. The 'it's good' and I know there HAS to be something wrong with it! The fear of hurting feelings. Or the worthless feedback-oh that sucks...gee thanks! ;~) Those are always anonymous and you wonder who it was that posted it?? Oh, the feedback that points out obvious grammar errors so you're not publishing something with huge mistakes in it, or the ones that say, this part doesn't make sense...I like those :D But the one thing that really makes me go grrr....the rejection with no feedback! grrr