Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hi! Remember me!

I'm sorry best beloveds (ooh, I just channeled Joshilyn there!)... I am so sorry that I've been on some sort of extended vacation.

Yeah, if vacation meant work and it was tiring.

But I just slept 13 hours. Yes. Thirteen hours. Both children were carted off by family and I had an evening to get caught up on "things". And by things, I meant sleep. I got to the computer at about 6:30 and returned some of the 200+ emails accruing there (if only they accrued interest) and did a couple of email interviews and editing a few things and wrote a few things.

And then at 8:20 I went to bed. I knew I was tired but my brain was saying "you're not THAT tired you big baby. Are you yawning? No. Are you having trouble focusing? No. So keep at it... keep working... keep on keeping on... lalalala..."

But guess what? You don't have to be dragging your butt, can't keep your eyes open any more type of tired to go to bed. You can just be at level 1 tired not level 16 melt-down tired.

So I caught up on sleep (which, technically you can't catch up on... but whatever) and now I've caught up on some chores. We tackled some laundry and vacuuming. We have been forgetting to buy vacuum bags for ... oh about a month or so. Our house never seems to be in a state where it's conducive to vacuuming because first there are eleventy other tasks that must be completed first.

We finally got bags, so we finally got around to vacuuming.

And I forgot how to TURN THE VACUUM ON.

I felt so dumb. Standing there, not knowing how to start my own vacuum cleaner. Eventually my husband (who has vacuumed more than I have, obviously) came over and turned it on for me. Sheesh!

Yep, that's the Cook household. We vacuum once a year, whether the house needs it or not!

Tomorrow I'm off to Ontario (the province, not the city in California) for five days for a sales conference and a client meeting. I will probably have more time than I would at home.

And I know one thing: I'm going to get more sleep.


Carolyn Erickson said...

Yay! Happiness is having the floor cleaned up enough to vacuum! And sleep, when you need it!

Glad to hear you're bouncing today. Don't forget to use some of that energy to enjoy your time off. :)


Kai said...

LOL...poor you.
Its good that you caught up on chores, and sleep, and 'stuff' - that's important. I spent the last three days doing that between sleeping and trying to shake my cold.
Have a good time in Ontario!