Monday, December 24, 2007

Deadlines at Christmas

How NOT to celebrate Christmas:

Still be on deadline for articles that were due on the 20th of the month because:

a) family became violently ill for the past three weeks (except for you, the caretaker)

b) have people leave on vacation way earlier than you, and therefore be unresponsive to emails and phone calls

c) have people Who Have The Info You Need also be on vacation, but reply past the actual deadline, but not late enough that you can say "I'll get to it after Christmas"

d) factor in a procrastination moment or two (I justified it by calling it The Sleep After Everyone Was Sick)

e) all of the above

So I will be handing in FOUR articles today. I shall not be writing on Christmas God willing and the creek don't flood.

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Carolyn Erickson said...

Heather, OMG, I can so relate. Not to the family being sick (thank God), but everything else. LOL. It reminds me of my very first assignment from my very second client. I believe the deadline was Jan. 1st. The person I needed to interview wouldn't even be back in the office until then!

Long story short, I got an extension (of a couple of days), did the interview, wrote the article, and later won a first place award for that one. Whew!

Maybe that's the secret to good writing?

Eh... Probably not! :D