Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Writing Newsletters Worth Reading

Author's note: You know, I just reread this post and realized it seems a bit like an ad. I write marketing copy sometimes, so if I slip into that mode, please forgive me! It isn't an ad at all. I just like the newsletter. :) There. Now I feel better. How about you?

I know there are a lot of good writing newsletters out there, but it can be difficult to sift through them all to find the good ones.

I get several. None of the ones I get charge for a subscription. (The bad ones I would pay just to get unsubscribed!) Some of them send worthwhile content, with only a few appropriate ads.

One of my favorites is the Worldwide Freelance Writer newsletter. No spam whatsoever. Each issue has a smattering of markets and one well-written article that is worth reading.

It's like they read my mind. For instance, today's issue has an article called "10 Ways To Write Great Blog Posts." I was just thinking about that.

#2 was "keep posts under 250 words." So I think I'll close here with a question for you:

What's your favorite writing newsletter? Why is it worth reading?


Serenity Now! said...

I like but it's pretty heavy on self publishing... not so much freelancing.

Hope Clark's Funds For Writers... the paid version is very good.

So is the newsletter you get when you join

Carolyn Erickson said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I knew all three have websites, but I didn't realize any of them had newsletters. Awesome.


Carolyn Erickson said...