Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Writerly Parenting Tip #1

If you are too unorganized or wrapped up in your project of the moment to remember your child has show and tell every other Friday, your child will figure out something to show or tell.

Things including but not limited to the song your, determined to be a terrible influence, brother delighted in teaching said child over the summer. The song your child remembers every single Kindergarten inappropriate word to and sings loudly and often.

Which you will think bad enough, until the second time when he will tell the class that, "It is ok to lie because Mommy does to phone solicitors and to save someone's feelings like the time she told the police officer that we had only been living in Mississippi for four weeks, when we'd really been here for two years, and that's why she still had a Texas driver's license."

After which the teacher will look at you strangely and you will notice your child is learning every Kindergarten appropriate song known to man. As well as lecturing you on the virtues of never telling lies of any kind. Until another parent, whose child has informed them of your own child's delightful show and tell activities, clues you in and you feel like dying from the humiliation of being the horrible, lying and forgetful Mama.... And you vow to do better.


Carolyn Erickson said...

Tiff, thanks for the great advice!

It's something every Writing Mother needs to know, and soon!

(oh, and p.s. ...NaNo is coming. You also probably don't want to tell your Kindergardener what your novel is about. The teacher will hear a very different version! :D)


NeuroticFitchMom said...

Oh believe me, I have not mentioned to him that I am a big cheater head!