Monday, October 8, 2007

Mama Needs to Lighten Up

DD’s first grade teacher uses a reward system with a color chart: Every day, each student starts with green. If they do something against the rules, like chatting, they get a color change.

DD is an excellent conversationalist.

Every morning, I remind her to stay on green, and she bounces onto the bus, filled with the expectation of success.

Many afternoons, she steps off the bus disappointed.

Thursday night I realized I need to de-emphasize the whole color thing. At bedtime that night, she prayed she would stay on green the next day. We usually sing a song after praying, so I asked her what song we could sing that would help her. She only thought for a second.

“Expect Miracles?”

I laughed, and told her that it wouldn’t take a miracle, just a little practice.

This morning I reminded her what a great daughter she is. I didn't mention any colors.

UPDATE: Hurray! She stayed on green today. She came home so self-assured and happy. That's the image of herself that I want her to retain. :)


Mysti said...

What a fantastic way to encourage your daughter!! The way children think and process is amazing. :)

Carolyn Erickson said...

So true, Mysti! They're little miracles themselves - if computer companies could only tap into that!

NeuroticFitchMom said...

I seriously cannot stand the colors. They drive me nuts. LOL! We are chatty Cathys here too.

Serenity Now! said...

Fabulous reminder!