Monday, October 1, 2007

Days 19 and 18 of Ramadan

Day 19

Today I took my dad to his physical therapy session. Out of all days, the office had put out doughnuts of all kinds and juice. Why? Because it is I think Physical Therapy Month or in honor of Patients Week. A therapist passed by the waiting room, and said to a lady and me, "Help yourselves to snacks."

I told her, "No, thanks. I am fasting." She just smiled and walked off. The lady in the waiting room stopped reading her book and looked up with interest. She asked if I was used to fasting by now. We also conversed of who was exempt. She found it interesting.

Day 18

I am still reading the Qur'an. My goal is to finish the entire Qur'an during Ramadan.

My brothers, DS and myself ate leftovers because my DH took my parents and their guests to his relative's house for dinner. I volunteered to stay behind, so there could be enough room. It is more important that my parents and guests attend (for what we went through this summer, my parents need plenty of fun--it is a long story).

We had leftovers. My brothers and I said that it was probably one of the most fulfilling meals we've had in a while.

Now I truly understand the meaning less is more.

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