Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Day In The Life

My writing life is a lot more concentrated these days. It is squashed in between 3 and 10 pm. But then again so is the end of the school day, dinner, housework, the good TV shows, my bath time and ... oh yeah... quality time with the kids.

So sometimes my interviews overlap with... life.

Yesterday I had three interviews to do.

One went really well. Of course I had put The Backyardigans on and I might have thrown some chocolate in their general area.

Which came back to bite me with interviews two and three.

During interview two I had to stop to quiet my son (6yo) and say, "Sorry, that was just my son's light sabre. It's a little loud."

During interview (which was post the baby's bath and pre pajamas) three I had to stop typing and run across the room because the baby... she pooped on the carpet. Thankfully interviewee was none the wiser. And at least I noticed before she started playing with it.


Carolyn Erickson said...

LOL. The most dreaded interview interruption of all.

Nothing says, "I'm a professional" like having to yell "NO baby! Don't play in the poo!" Good thing, Heather, that you have eyes in the back of your head!


Sirena said...

LOL. I had to laugh at the last only because it reminded me of my wedding and my niece.

She was two at the time and she was a last minute addition to the wedding. I figured she was too young but she did a wonderful job with posing and walking down the aisle.

After the ceremony and the pictures. My beautifully dressed niece pulled off her diaper, which was full of poop and smeared it on her dress and her hands. She then proceeded to run around the guests with my sister in hot pursuit, waving her poop covered hands around as guests dodged and screamed like she was carrying the bubonic plague.

I missed the excitement but after my sister caught her, in heels and a bridesmaid dress, got her changed, bathed and back out to the party in baby proof clothes, everyone was laughing about the excitement.

Thankfully it was a backyard wedding at my Mother-in-laws beach side home so clean up was a breeze.

So I have been there and I feel the pain. I think the worse for me was when my DS did that and our dog Petey bowled me over to get to it before me. He didn't even break stride when he scooped it up and swallowed it. I was so disgusted.