Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 29 of Ramadan

Tomorrow could be the last day of Ramadan, or it could be today. I am not really sure. See many Muslim countries have already declared that today is the last day of Ramadan, while I believe a couple of countries say it is Saturday. Where does the US stand? Well, let me put this way: we could celebrate tomorrow, Saturday, or be split up--some on Friday and the rest on Saturday. It is tradition (hadith) for Muslims scholars to declare a celebration by the sighting of a moon.

I wonder if there are political motives when different Muslims celebrate the Eid al Fitr (Holiday Feast) on two different days. This is a controversy among many Muslims.

As a rule of thumb, many of my family members go with Saudi Arabia because it has the holiest city (Mecca) in the Islamic world. We look at it as representative for the Islamic world.

I am actually sad to see Ramadan go. As an individual, it was a time of spiritual cleansing and feeling better about your body and mind. I actually became more aware of my surroundings. As a group, it was time for straightening bonds and creating memories with loved ones.

I will let you know what we decide tomorrow. We will be looking into our local masjid (mosque or community center), and see what they will be doing tomorrow.

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