Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh my....

I've spent most of this week saying 'oh my'.
Induction week is this week at my University. Already, I'm exausted, overwhelmed, and overjoyed. I love it there. Its going to be hard, yep, but I'm really - REALLY looking forward to 'actual' work.
There is a band of us - I'm the only parent (so far) and I'm 'mummying' the younger ones (17, 18, 19) - making sure they've got their food, and their student card, and stopping for tea, and just to SIT and talk, instead of letting them rush from pillar to post in the highly fraught state most freshers perpetually live in.
Tomorrow, I have to get up and read something out, about what I was inspired to write about trees. This week has been a blast.

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