Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day Four of Ramadan

Today, I deep cleaned the kitchen, that kept me busy for a couple of hours. Once again my dh and ds went to the park for a few hours. When I focus on something, I really focus.

After that, I watched live prayers televised in Saudi Arabia online. The prayers were held in Mecca which is considered the holiest city for Muslims. It was packed full of people from around the world. You want to see diversity? Wait till Ramadan or Hajj (Pilgrimage). You will see people from around the world in one area.

The person that was leading the prayers is called an Imam, sort of like a priest or a rabbi. His name is Sudais. He recited with a beautiful voice. He was full of emotion that I had tears and goose bumps. Growing up, we always heard Sudais during the month of Ramadan. So, when I watched it live, it brought back my childhood memories.

Mood wise, I felt good today, same with dh. DS does not fast because he is too young. However, he knows that the adults are fasting. We went to my parents' home to break our fast. (I know lucky me, no cooking for two nights in a row!) It was a night family get together. You know how it is at Thanksgiving or Christmas? Well, we have about 30 days of Thanksgiving nights.

Yes, I was a good girl, and I washed the dishes for my mom to give her a break. Thank God, we used paper plates for the main course--that saved some time in washing dishes.

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