Friday, August 17, 2007

Test Post

Carolyn Erickson from The Writing Mother group came up with a great idea: A group Blog! So let's see if we can get this puppy off the ground! (How's that for mixing some metaphors!)


Paige Daly said...

You can mix metaphors better than a KitchenAid! :)

Ameasha said...

Is this blog only for young mothers raising childen? I am a fifty-two year old mother and grandmother, and my last and youngest son is thirty-two. He was struck by a speeding car at the age of barely seventeen, and has an acquired brain injury that has left him emotional and mentally around thirteen to fifteen. I have loved writing all my life and I have a fantasy novel titled " The Calling ", that I am still working on that has thirty-seven chapters, a true story about my son titled "Why Mama Cries" and a fiction titled " Witches For Hire ". I am just a mom with no connections and was invited to Mama Needs A Book Contract, so I thought I would post this question first.
Ameasha Brown

Carolyn Erickson said...

Ameasha, I just discovered your comment, so I hope you're still here...

To answer your question - no! We're not just for mothers of young children!

We're not even exclusively for mothers, although all of us are moms, and writers without kids might wonder what we're going on about! :)

Welcome! It's great to hear about your writing. I hope you have much success!