Sunday, August 19, 2007

Speaking of contracts...

You know when you’ve been spending far too much time reading the Hobbit to the kids when you wander around referring to everything as ‘booksies’ and ‘my preeeecious’. So once I got through reading the bit where Gollum is riddling Bilbo, in his mind at least, to death, I came and wrote this. Got a bit sidetracked cause its a couple of minutes past Eleven.

Tomorrow, I am going to ‘meet’ with an Internet Marketer who wants to discuss co-writing a blogging book with him. I’ve never negotiated a contract in my LIFE, so I’m going to be asking advice in the next couple of minutes, and of course, anything I learn, I’ll share ;)

Alongside that, I’ve got a tonne of forms and contacts to make, because of going back to University. So that’s more contracts. I’ve got around a week to sort all of this out, and then my mother is down for a week of roller coasters, swimming and hanging out with her grandkids.


Anyone else picked up, or are negotiating any cool contracts?

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Serenity Now! said...

I let my agent handle the negotiations... I think agents are worth their weight in gold!

I asked for more free books out of my publisher... actually 15X more than they originally offered! And I got it. Why? Because I had a specific marketing plan in place for those free books... I wasn't just giving them out to my friends and family!

However, I think I'm lost in terms of negotiating a contract between two authors!