Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dejah: I made it, finally!

It took me DAYS, but I finally made it! Somehow my invitation went astray, but thank goodness I save everything somewhere--not that I can always find it. Anyway, here is the introduction I wrote yesterday:

I'm the loud one. I'm not your average mom/writer. I don't write about parenting if I can help it. I'm no better a parent than anyone else and the only thing I am qualified to do is whine--and I don't whine. I write on high tech topics: Macs, Linux and Open Source, motorcycles. I write (non-selling) novels and (best-selling) technical books. I've always been more comfortable with guys than girls... but these girls are some of the best you could ever hope to know.

I'm a military spouse and a (hobby) farm wife, restoring a 180 year old farm house and raising three girls, six cats, 31 chickens (some meat, some eggs, some for show), and two turkeys (Tom Thanksgiving and Christina Christmas). Soon, we'll have goats. I'm post-feminist, sex-positive, left-of-center, tough as nails with a heart of marshmallow fluff. Our dear leader Heather and I argue politics every now and again, but I will attempt not to be political (except with women's issues when there is really no other choice).

I am writer, hear me pontificate!


Serenity Now! said...

YAY! You're here!

Hey, you aren't the only loud one. LOL

As my husband says... sometimes I only have one volume.

I'm not sure we'll have much to debate on women's issues since I found out I'm a "third wave feminist"! Now I don't mind being called "the f word".

Carolyn Erickson said...

Dej, I might not write about parenting either if I knew enough to write about technology or motorcycles.

And I can vouch for your heart of marshmallow fluff, you softie, you. :D

Kai said...

Wheeee! Hello Dej ;)
Great to see you!

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Hey Dej, I got chills, woman! Now, about the