Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Preschool Orientation

Tonight was parent orientation for at my child's preschool. The director went over some of the policies of the preschool. The preschool teacher reviewed the handbook, and some of her expectations in the classroom.

The preschool teacher is the same teacher my son had last year (my son went to preschool for three year olds). She is an excellent teacher. She takes academics seriously, yet making it entertaining and fun for her students--the preschoolers.

On Friday, my son and his fellow classmates will have their orientation in the morning, for about 45 minutes. Then they officially begin school August 27.

After leaving the parent orientation, I went to our local WalMart store to buy school supplies. Stuff was almost gone! I was amazed. This shows you that I am not that experienced in school supply shopping for my child yet *smile*. Lucky for me, I sometimes stash supplies on sale in my home because you never know when you may need them.

My son can't wait till it is Friday, so he can play with his classmates at his orientation. I am not sure whose enthusiasm is more contagious, his or mine.
I am an educator at heart and mind. I love anything to do with learning. I teach adults, I teach children. And in return, they teach me.

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