Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Campus life

I’m going to see the place where I’m going to spend the next three years studying on Friday, and I’m already really nervous.  I’ve got almost all of my paperwork all sorted out, but I’ve got…

Its not exactly stage fright, cause I won’t be performing, but it is a low grade nerves sort of feeling.  Sorta the way you feel when waiting for your agent to get through with your manuscript I guess, in many ways. 

I’ve got just over a month to get everything all lined up and in a row, and set up as much automation as I can for the bits that CAN be automated, which means I’m going to be posting as many blog posts as I can manage on my own blogs in advance, and writing months worth of articles – just so I’ve got as much time to focus on my degree for the first month or two.  I know I’ll probably not need to – but my daughter is starting school (instead of nursery, which she did last year) too, so I’m hoping to ease us all into our new routine with as little disruption – or at least a bit of leeway as possible.

I dunno – I feel like a teenager again, and its not all bad, but at the same time, I’m worried that I’m going to mess up – or worse, its just not going to be what I need to do.

I’m determined to do it though, so hopefully, I’ll get my books list, and my class schedule, or at least, a way to access them, and I can start planning and working out how to do the whole ‘school run – lectures – pick the kids up – after school activities for them – study – work – socialize – sleep’.


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