Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Growing into my very geeky job

When this blog first started I'd *just* been accepted into a University course in Creative writing and Criminology. I dropped the 'criminology' part, and focussed, instead, on Psychology for the five 'spare slots' that I had. That was just under two years ago - and last year, around this time, I finally worked out what I wanted to do when I graduated.
It's been a long path this year - because soon after I researched and discovered the fun that is my new carreer (and it's FUN with several invisible exclamation points after :D) I was quite badly injured - something I haven't - really - recovered from. But this week I finally, perfectly, married my love of writing with my love of psychology and crime, in a not unexpected (for me) way. And I'm hoping over the next couple of months that I can share it with you guys and other writers.

And that's why I'm so geeked out right now. I can do this - and I can teach it, and write about it, and talk about it passionately. It's growing, with my interest, and it's just about boundless.
And that's where I am. Training to be a forensic linguist 'by day', via a degree in Creative Writing and Psychology, and a postgrad diploma, and working on this 'by night'. I'll get to geek about it properly very soon, but until then I'm just delighted to get to take a run at it. Till then it's kinda hush hush, cause the platform is probably a 'one off' and I want to be fully ready to do it. But yay!

How's your summer looking?


Matha said...

Geeky indeed.
What's a forensic linguist Kai?

Kai said...

Hi Matha,
A forensic linguist is...complicated. Lol. We're a fairly new discipline that's sprung up out of the idea that everyone uses language slightly differently. In a legal context the job involves helping to 'translate' legal documents and make them clearer - we're also the people behind tracking down word criminals.
As a writer, I like the idea of unearthing the 'bones' of writing and seeing what makes the structure work - so there's that dimension too I guess ;)

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