Monday, June 22, 2009

An analogy that fits

Since my head injury I've found there are times that I can't sit at my computer, and I need to think about writing, but not in that active, 'I'm brainstorming' way.
So I took up knitting again, and have discovered the addictiveness of actually completing something that's small and useful.
I remember feeling that way, in the start about articles and content that was being crafted especially for clients. I'd make a made to order set of articles, each word carefully locked into place and each concept made stronger by it's surrounding ones. Dishcloths might be shorter articles, but blankets are whole chapters of books.
So instead of sitting and mindlessly staring at the TV all day, I knit. I think about stories and I let things just cascade into place.

It's an analogy that might just fit for most of us - we craft something out of the other materials - and taking it right back, most of us 'spin' our wool from the words that are fed in, before repurposing it to something else. I get the feeling that it's going to be very difficult to work this summer on much, writing wise, but I can knit whenever I've got a spare few minutes.

What craft analogy can you find for writing and the craft of your choice?

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Sofie said...

I'm an avid crocheter and professional photographer. I finished the first draft of my first novel (speculative fiction in an omnideist modern-day America), with plans to write at least 3 more in the same universe, and a couple other not-necessarily-same-universe stories floating in my head, too. And possibly some non-fiction down the line. I love to work on granny squares when I'm trying to sort out a problem in my head... and being willing to totally unravel and start over is all part of the process. I think my willingness to rip out hours of work when I notice a mistake toward the beginning (which has horrified people around me when they see me do it) will make the editing process more bearable ;)