Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Help! I have a fiction idea and I give up!

Truthfully I have always wanted to be a fiction writer. And yet here I am, with the non fiction. And I like to read non fiction, but I LOVE fiction. It's the dessert and the non fiction is the steak. So I live vicariously through other writers:

Joshilyn Jackson
Shirley Jump
Sheila Curran
Jennifer O'Connell
Shanna Swendson
Jennifer Weiner

The problem is that whenever I come up with a great idea, I immediately thing, "oh yeah, that's a great idea because I heard it... wherever". Either it spikes in my brain for about 1.5 minutes and then I realize what a tired idea it was... or it doesn't even become fully formed before I shoot it down.

Except earlier this week I was thinking about one of my customers and something he said... and it spawned an idea, which spawned an idea and soon I thought "this is a REALLY good idea!" and it's stuck for the last week.

Except! I'm almost scared to put words onto page... I know my process for writing non fiction, but I'm afraid if I put my idea onto page... I might somehow wreck it. Weird, huh?

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Carolyn Erickson said...

It's dessert. You don't *have* to eat dessert--it doesn't have 9 essential vitamins and minerals or anything. :)

You can do whatever the heck you feel like doing when it comes to dessert. And I say this because I feel the same way about fiction. I know I love reading it; don't know whether or not I could write it. But in the end I decided I would do it I wanted to, for me, for fun... or not, as the case may be! lol