Saturday, December 27, 2008

Writing Goals for 2009

Well, it's that time again, isn't it? The time when we sit down and gather our thoughts . . . reflect over what we have done in the past year and set goals for the coming year. I can't say that they are resolutions, I don't know if I like that word or not, I much prefer the term "goals".

I try to set business goals that are specific. Like $1000 per month. But since I have sold these two books, I have to look at my goals differently. I can't hit the $1000 a month because I don't have the time to write the extra articles. But with my book proposals I can average $1000 a month, it's just paid in lump sums.

Also, I have goals to set at my full time sales job. I'm a sales manager and I work with a team of 9 salespeople. My portfolio does about $1,000,000 in sales per year and it definitely takes some planning to accomplish.

We do something called KSS. Something you are going to Keep/Start/Stop. But it's too vague for my writing.

I need something specific, a goal to hit each week. Or even goals. I've long since stopped querying (not enough time, too much to do!) and I worry that I won't have time to actually write the articles I query.

What about you? Do you have specific writing related goals? Care to share?


Anonymous said...

I'm the same way..."resolution" is a little too much commitment for me :)...I do have writing goals, again...this year I am concentrating on a submissions goal per month, and I want to finish my novel-in-progress and revise. I'm also thinking of changes for the new year- in my blog, in my home and in my income. HAPPY 2009!!!

Serenity Now! said...

Thanks janflora! I'm curious, do you set word goals for your novel-in-progress?