Saturday, October 11, 2008

the things they forget to tell you

I quite enjoyed this video:

It's about that dreamy view we have of what life will be like as a writer.

For a quick smack upside the head of reality, I bring you: MY LIFE.

I really hesitated in showing that to you. Afterall, who wants to admit that their house is truly a disaster and that they child is running around naked, watching Dora and generally fending for herself while you type on a computer and wrestle with edits.

It's truly a disaster zone, I know. Five days until house possession. Five days until edits are due. Seven days until moving. Husband is working shift work and is currently asleep.

It's all fun and games until someone loses their kid in the laundry pile.

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Kai said...

LOL...been there - done that - got the t-shirt. I think it's in the laundry pile with the kids, actually ;)
You'll be ok - and if there's anything I can do, holler. I know I live too far away to help you move, but I'm good for other stuff. :)