Monday, October 20, 2008

I Am A Lost Writer, You Want To Know Why?

I am a lost writer right now. I feel a part of me is missing. Today (actually last night DH informed me), my electrical cord for the laptop decided to stop working. I could not believe it. As I plugged in my laptop, I noticed the battery wasn't charging. At first, I thought it was nothing because I thought it would take a minute or so. It didn't, the battery kept losing life until the laptop died.

I played with the cord. I wiggled it. I even put tape around certain parts thinking if it had stronger support, the currents would reach the laptop. Nothing worked, so when DH called me today, I told him about my laptop. He told me it actually happened last night after I went to bed. Then why didn't he tell me that today??
Instead, I had packed my laptop with me to my parents' house, instead of having a productive afternoon on the laptop, I had a dead laptop. Oh the irony of all this. Um, I am not exactly what the irony is but I felt like putting that in this post.

So DH says that he will get me a new laptop cord. I know he will, but it totally feels weird without my laptop.

You know how some writers love pens? I do, but I also love my laptop.


Kai said...

It's definatley not fun being without a laptop cable. I'm sure you'll be back up and running soon though ;)

Linda Sherwood said...

I can totally relate to this! My first laptop has cord issues. I've replaced the cord, but it is old and well used, and it does not always want to charge. I finally had to buy a new laptop.

I still have the old one, but it is rarely used because you have to constantly fiddle with the cord to make it connect and then you can't breathe for fear it will unconnect....

But my new laptop? Wonderful.