Saturday, October 4, 2008

Critical Thinking versus Just Plain Critical

There's a difference.

God Bless America. :)


Serenity Now! said...

Thank you for saying that.

I don't know what your post was about for YOU, but for me it spoke about the whole Palin issue.

I feel removed from the situation, because I'm a Canadian, but there is something really, really disturbing about the situation.

One one of my lists they started making fun of her hair, her parenting choices, her voice, her smile...

And all I could think was that there is no way anyone would tell a child that it's ok to make fun of anyone elses voice, hair, family, smile, etc.. no way. Why? Because it's outright rude.

So why is it ok to tear down a public figure by attacking her personally. Does her hair have something to do with her politics? Her voice? Her smile? No, it doesn't.

I wish people had more class, I really do. I hope they don't say these things in front of their kids and then act surprised when their kid gets in trouble for making fun of Billy's hair or Sally's voice.

Carolyn Erickson said...

Heather, that's exactly what I meant. Only I see it happening in more areas than politics. Just the other day, I surfed on over to a blog where a person had some nice posts about Christianity. Although I knew we wouldn't agree on every doctrinal issue, I thought this would be the kind of person I could be "e-friends" with. :)

But then I clicked on a post and surprise! There was a childish schoolyard insult leveled at someone I know, who happens to be a great guy and a wonderful Christian. And if the poster actually knew him too, he would never have said such a stupid thing.

I'm not going to grace him with a link to the post. Let's just say it was kind of a last straw sort of thing.

I ranted about it over on my other blog. Is Ridicule the New Black?