Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ramadan Days 26-28

Day 26

My family and I realize that there are only a few days left of Ramadan. We discussed how quickly it went by and it didn't seem hard or a burden on us. Many of our colleagues and friends were very supportive throughout the month of Ramadan. That was an awesome feeling. Thanks guys!

Day 27

Almost the entire immediate family got together to have our Iftar at my parents' home-the main central point of meeting. While we were having desert, my aunts stopped by to see how everyone was doing. That was nice. We caught up with each others lives over apple cheese cake and chocolate silk pie (I am a chocoholic and proud of it :D). We start thinking about Zakatul Fitr, the required alms to help those who need it financially.

This year, each Muslim who can afford is to pay $8. Wow. Imagine if my entire town of 9,000 people paid $8, total of $72,000, and send to to help humanity socially. So, if you and your spouse are doing well financially then you are obligated to pay $8 per person for each person living in your home, that means you must pay your child's or grandparent's alms if they are living with you. Now, don't get me wrong an adult living with you can pay his own if he can afford it.

Day 28

Today is Sunday School for DS. What makes this day unique is that not only is this the last Sunday that we will go fasting, but my mom and dad went with DH, DS, and myself today. My parents were co-sponsoring the Community Center's meal. What makes a little more special than being a co-sponsor is that my dad coming with us. He went through a major medical crises in 2007 that we thought he was a goner, including his doctors, but he surprised everyone that doctors today call him the "Miracle Man." (Which honestly, we believed prayers from Muslims, Christians and others, were half of the medicine because doctors told us there was nothing else they could do.)

We dropped DS off at Sunday School, and my mom gave her food items to some of the chefs in the kitchen who were preparing the rest of the meal.

Then we went off to our friends' home and hung out until it was time to eat at the Community Center. My mom made homemade Arabic bread and brought fruit with her, while other families provided other parts of the meal. Today, we had Arabic food, rice and lamb to name a few things off. The place was packed as usual.

My dad did really well. Many people hugged him and shook his hand with tears in their eyes. The last time some of the people saw my dad, he was in a coma. Many told him, this is a blessing from God--which is what we believe.


Sarah said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing your journey during Ramadan. As usual, I have been learning about Ramadan.

I am able to better understand it. Happy Holiday!

FA said...

Thank YOU for reading. I really appreciate your feedback.