Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Book Video - Book Signing!

Wheeee, one of my favouritest (totally a word) bloggers, Mir, had a book signing today! And one of her friends made a video of it.

Check. It. Out.

Possibly I've been hanging around with too many writers when one of my first thoughts was "Mir is friends with a DOCTOR!"


Mir said...

Ahahahahaha... you're stealing my fire, girl, I haven't even had a chance to post this to my OWN blog yet!

Isn't Kaye a hoot? I had no idea she was going to do this. She just showed up with a Flip! Hee.

k said...

Ahem. And not just ANY doctor ... but a REAL doctor (phd, not silly lower-type doctor who is really a physician). And a really YOUNG one. With nice hairs. And funny too!

Kai said..., It's so great to see Mir! WOOOOHOOO!