Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did we totally miss our anniversary? Yes, we did.

Mama Needs a Book Contract started just over a year ago, on August 17, 2007.

Since our wee first post, lo, those many months ago, we've had FAMOUS guests, saw the Writer's Strike begin and end, joined the BlogHer network, noted happenings in the world, pointed out good resources, and blogged about life and writing as mothers.

With all that going on, no wonder we were so busy we forgot our anniversary.

Personally, we've reached a few milestones and blogged them in front of God and everybody. I'll let the other Mamas reflect on their own and tell you about one of mine.

I turned 40. That's generally considered a milestone. For me, it was only significant in that my 40th birthday had subconsciously become my mental deadline for everything I ever wanted to do. LOL.

What was I thinking? Did I think I was going to become shriveled and emaciated and utterly insignificant after that birthday? I suppose it's helpful to have goals and target dates. I did accomplish everything I set out to do, with the exception of the bulging-at-the-seams retirement account.

But I can only attribute my former attitude to the foolishness of youth... which I am now long past, being that I'm 40 and all.

So, now that I've garnered the wisdom of years, you should totally listen to any sage advice I impart. Like, it might be good to make plans for the second 40 years of your life too.

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Kai said... mom is...well, slightly older than you, and she says that we can always be young at heart if we stay that way.
There is a wisdom in being young too - knowing, sometimes, that you can just keep going because it's easier to recover. Knowing that in a couple of years you might not HAVE the opportunities you have now.
I keep telling people I'm 15. Its getting to be just slightly harder to believe me when I say that (though, to be fair, not by much - I definatly don't look twice that), my personality still lets them think I am ;)