Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Refilling the Well, the Cup, or the Cookie Jar

Whatever you call it, taking some time away from the computer or notepad and getting yourself involved with a non-writing activity once in a blue-moon is good for you and good for your writing.

I have LOTS more to say, and seem to have an easier time saying it, when I refill the well with some activity I enjoy.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I REALLY enjoy taking care of things in my home. In May, I made a concerted effort to get ahead on my writing deadlines so I could spend the summer having fun with my daughter. (That's one reason I haven't posted here as much as usual.) But in the process, while my head was stuck in my computer for hours at a time, the laundry was piling up, the paperwork piled up, the clutter piled up... . Are you sensing a theme?

This week so far, I have refilled my cup by washing loads of laundry and doing a big major spring overhaul (yes, I know it isn't spring anymore!) of my daughter's room. I've weeded and mulched the flower beds. Oh, and went out and bought some groceries. It's always nice to have food in the house. My daughter, being "big" now, has been helping me with all these things. We've had a great time.

But the best part was walking into a store holding my daughter's hand. I can't believe how much I've missed that! People SMILE at us. (After she started school last year, I shopped alone and realized people weren't smiling at me anymore.) We smile back. It's a really, really good time.

Take a break, Moms. Go somewhere with your kids. Or just do a load of laundry without thinking about how you'll construct the next sentence. Maybe you will have to work extra hard to get ahead on your deadlines in order to do this, but whatever it takes, do it. And while you're doing it, don't think about anything but what you're doing. (You'll write about it later.)

What do you do to refill the well?

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Kai said...

I've made it a specific rule in the house that we take at least one day of the weekend to spend time outside together. Whether that's in town, or at a lake where dragonflies nest (photos ahoy!), or just sitting in our garden sipping iced (something) whilst the kids play (which can range for them, from shooting thier own photos to football, handball, or just running and squealing with delight at the feel of sun and air on thier skin) because we are all healthier and happier and sleep better for it. Both my fiancee and I work with computers all day, and into most evenings, so I think its good for us to remember that the cyber is no reflection on the real ;).