Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seven weeks till summer...

Red starImage from FlickrAs a child, though the weather said it was 'summer', I never - really - accepted that until I finished up school for the last day of the year. Summer, in which case, technically started for me sometime in April, but that's not when summer starts in our house. Summer, officially starts on the first day of school holidays for the kids.
So, I have seven more weeks until I'm being driven batty every day by 'mum can I have a drink, mum can I have an ice pole, mum I'm bleeding, mum he cheated, mum she pushed me, mum she's not sharing, I'm telling mum, I'm telling mum, I want, I can't, I will, I won't....'
That's seven weeks of freedom, in many ways - I have one class until the holidays, and that's it ;)
In these hallowed seven weeks, I'm going to make sure I've got enough books to read at the park, enough pads of paper to make it through swimming classes, enough plasters and reward stickers, diluting juice, bribes, loose change and all of the other bits and pieces that every parent needs to get thorugh the summer. Sanity is, of course optional, and is probably going to be a frayed rug, again, by the end of the holidays, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I deliberately don't book during the summer, and ask my clients to plan accordingly, because the summer is for the kids.
What are your plans for summer?


Serenity Now! said...

My plan: survival.

I have a child that needs to get to day care, a full-time job, a child that needs to get to a variety of different day camps, one book due and edits for another due...

And there's fun to be had! Science Centre, the Zoo, local parks. Soccer and T-Ball. Bikes to learn to ride.

Heather Grace Stewart said...

This is a great blog -yours and the whole Mama site! Our daughter is only three, so not quite the "Mom I'm bored" stage yet...but she starts preschool in the fall, so I really want to make the summer "count." I tried this last summer and loved it - trying something new every day - even if it was as simple as a new kind of freezie or walking a different route in our neighbourhood. Somehow, it made the summer, which is never long enough, last a little longer.