Sunday, May 4, 2008

Edits... I love the pain....

This week I received the first edits back on my first book. It's exciting. It's thrilling... and yes, it's a little painful. But it's a good hurt.

I've always said that I think I have the thickest writer skin on the planet. Go ahead, kill my darlings.
Of course there's always the thought that I like a good editor because a good editor makes ME look better. And yet, it never seems to be the other way around. You don't hear anyone saying "hey, that writer made that editor look really good!"
Now, this is only the first bit of the manuscript. I had a great phone conversation with one of the senior editors about how to handle the edits... and I'm so psyched to get started!
I think the best part is that between submission and getting the edits back I had a feeling about something. Not necessarily something I'd done wrong. Ok, yeah, something I'd done wrong... and that was the main concern. I've been thinking about how to make it better, now I can.


Carolyn Erickson said...

That's exciting Heather. I love good editors too. *Really love them!

I think not only because they make my writing (and by extension, me) look better, but because a good editor is invested in my writing. How many other people on earth will go 'round with you over a sentence or a comma in something you wrote? Other folks just aren't that interested. :)

Kai said...

:) I love getting edits back too - just so I can see where I got it exactly right. :)

Yay for editors!