Saturday, March 15, 2008

Contracts and concepts

I thought I'd do a run by blogging today with some news, and some thoughts ;)
I've been offered several contracts this last month, and I've had a sharp learning curve working out how to politely request revisions on them.
But - I've sold one novel - am in the process of selling the second (which is the first of a set), plus I've got several stories under final cut in anthologies. So Mama has a book contract, and I'm hoping that everyone else is having as much 'luck' as me.

And sometimes, I think that it is luck. Talent isn't enough any more - and I don't think it has been for a long time, but I'm another slice of proof, a sliver towards the side of the coin that says 'persistence, patience, luck' are three tools a writer needs. Talent will carry you, of course, but no amount of raw talent counts for anything if you're not committed to the long haul.

I'm wondering about a couple of things at the moment - like, how to get my stories into the hands of as many people as possible - or at least interesting as many people as I can in them, without bludgeoning them to death with ebooks. So I'm offering each and every first chapter of every book that I'm writing on an auto responder system.
I'm just wondering whether anyone has any ideas or thoughts on that, and any other ideas that I can use to promote my books. I'm already twittering, blogging, mailing out to interested parties. My books have thier own websites - I've got a facebook page for each of my pen names, myspace... It all amounts to a dizzying array of promotional opportunities, that I'm fine tuning. I just want to make sure I'm covering the most that I can, y'know? So fire your suggestions my way ;)

Have a great weekend everyone - and remember 'talent,patience, persistence, luck' ;)


Carolyn said...
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Carolyn Erickson said...

Hey, congrats on the book contract (and the 200th post)!

About promotion... something pretty basic I haven't noticed you doing much is using blurbs about your books. Shirley Jump is great at that. You have no question about what she writes, either. Her bios usually make it clear enough.

Your writing may be very diverse, but I think you should promote a book or series specifically.

And in your bio, like here at Mama, tell us what you write (again, in just a few words, like Shirley and many other authors).

Those are my 2 cents. Hope they help somewhat.