Thursday, February 14, 2008


I booked today and tomorrow off from work so that I could write. But I sent my kids to their childcare... After I got over my guilt, I realized it was a wonderful day of being by myself writing!

E didn't sleep very well last night, she has a cold and I think that when she laid down it was hard to breathe. So she slept most of the night on me... as I was propped up on the couch. So I didn't get much sleep either!

But what a good day I had. Might have been the most perfect Writing-at-Home-Mother day!

First, hubby brought me cupcakes in the morning for Valentine's Day.

Then there was a steady supply of coffee and yummy coffee creamer.

I balanced writing with watching two of my favorite daytime programs, shows I haven't seen for many months.

I turned the TV off for most of the day and just enjoyed the silence - no one playing army guy, no one screaming, no whining ... just peace and quiet and the sound of my fingers on the keyboard.

I realized just after noon... I cannot remember a day like this before I had kids. I didn't appreciate days like this. Now I do.

The trick is to also appreciate the loud and noisy days... because one day those will be history too.

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