Monday, December 3, 2007

Teaching to Give

A lot of the times, you can find me reading a parenting magazine or surfing the Internet reading the latest parenting trends. I have been known to implement some of those trends.

As I read about parenting experiences, I am usually impressed by some of the parents' views and ideas. However, when I saw this one idea (unfortunately I forgot where I read it--maybe from reading too many material?), it is as if I had seen the light!

The tip that I had read was about how to teach your child not to say, "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!" It was about how teach your child to be appreciative and think more about others. This parent said that she makes her child donate gently used toys when he received new ones. For example, if her child received three new toys today, then he is required to donate three gently used toys to less fortunate children.

I thought, what a great idea! So, I tried that on my son explaining to him that when he gets a new toy, he will donate the same amount of toys. (Remember he is four.) I sat him down and I explained to him that there are some children who can't buy toys, what does he think about giving them some of his toys, so they could be happy. He honestly said, "Ok, I will be a good helper."

So about two days ago, I wanted to see how serious my son was about our new rule. I bought him a set of cars which had 12 (like he doesn't have enough as is), and then we went to his toy box. I reminded him to put donated toys in the bag. After he was finished, he told me that he felt good helping other children smile. Of course, I hugged and kissed him for his actions. (Too cuddly not to).

Today when I saw some of my friends, I explained to them my new theory that I had adapted from a magazine. One friend said to me, "You are such an awesome mother!" I told her that was not the point. Then the same friend said to other friends, "Isn't *boy child* going to grow up to be the neatest person because of his mom?" I just smiled and giggled in a humble manner.

My awesome dh supports this idea, and he has thanked child for doing this.

I just love reading. Can you tell?


Carolyn Erickson said...

It's wonderful that you are teaching your son to give joyfully from the heart. You have just ensured a happier future for him, because focusing only on our own desires brings misery. Opening our hands to share with others reminds us of everything we have to be thankful for.

studentforlife said...

Cool story! Thanks for sharing!