Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My ONE Wish for 2008

I'm challenging all the other MNABC writers to answer this question:

What is your ONE wish for 2008? It can be personal, political, practical or pure silliness... here's mine:

For 2008, I wish and pray that I find my joy in life again. Sometimes we can be so focused on what we are doing that we forget to be present in the moment and enjoy all the little things. Am I finding joy in parenting, writing, working? I hope to root out the causes WHY I'm not finding joy and poke at them until they go away.

For this reason I've decided to change my goal setting for 2008. I reached maximum capacity this year - too much to do, too little time. It made me an unhappy mommy, wife and writer many times. So now I'm going change my focus from the usual "10% increase in income" for 2008 to a focus on one thing: books.

In January I'll be getting edits for book #1 and in February half of book #2 is due. When these are complete, I will focus on more book proposals. I have more in me, I know it. My income may not increase, but I think that my time will be freed up a little bit from what it has been. Multiple deadlines a month is tough on me.

So I'm going to find my joy in 2008. I'm going to remember why I love writing and being a mom and wife!

What about you?

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Kai said...

My goal is just about identical. Edit one book by May, edit the second by July and send them off to the agent that requested my work - I found my 'joy' returning to University and studying writing, so now I want to keep building on that, whilst staying sane and calm and 'stuff' :)
Merry christmas and Happy New Year!