Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kai's goals and 'headliner'

I don't - technically - do resolutions.
Partially because I'm not a particularly good goal setter - but I still try. I also do something 'special' - its called choosing a headliner.
Headliner goals are something that I like to consider as the 'must have' goal for the year. Y'know, the thing that would make the headlines in the newsreport on your life. I even go as far as to mock up a newspaper and print a poster for my 'office' wall. This year, I even produced limited edition 'reports' for freinds, completely tounge in cheek, but really appreciated - I've got a couple left if anyone wants to encourage my silliness, feel free to come on over to my site and request one.
Last year's 'headliner' was to do exactly what I did this year - take it easy. My yearly sum up headline was 'Kai takes a much needed break' - or was it?
I started University this year - so shock horror, taking it easy has been the last thing on my mind. One of my other goals though, and is a carry through goal - 'make better my craft'. (and the year I write that - improve my craft, I know I have it nailed ;)) so I achieved that.
This year's headliner is 'Kai finds an agent and finishes founding her own publishing company' - alongside 'Kai achieves amazing grades in her coursework'.
You should try the 'headliners' though. If anyone wants the newspaper template I use to make the mock up poster (with next year's date on it, of course) I'll be posting the new one on Language Dump before I return to the Uni on the 7th.


Carolyn Erickson said...

I like this idea. Having one or two big accomplishments per year certainly seems doable.

Goals are easy to lose track of, and sometimes they seem stale by February 1. At least if you have a Headliner, you can stay on track for the really meaningful accomplishments.


HypnoticBrainTalk said...

My one wish for this upcoming year is that I connect with the people I can really help using my creative writing talents. Many people are struggling through this economic depression we are experiencing. I decided that I could help them by promoting their business in a unique way. It's AMAZING what happens when people think out of the box. I help them do that and they are prospering again. So, my one really headliner wish, is to keep miraculously connecting with people who need help prospering. I get to use my skills as a writer to help them thrive. It's fun, it's easy and it helps others. That's important to me.
Susan Fox